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Product Liability

Product Liability
If you or a loved one has experienced digitalis toxicity after taking Digitek, you may have a lawsuit that should be pursued. Although we are located in Tennessee, our drug litigation is national in scope, and our staff is prepared to file lawsuits and litigate Digitek cases around the country.

Therefore, regardless of what state you're from, please fill out our inquiry form on this web site or email us so that Ashley L. Ownby Attorney At Law can contact you to discuss your claim.

On April 28, 2008, the pharmaceutical company Actavis Totowa issued a Class I nationwide recall of all lots of Digitek (digoxin) tablets distributed by Mylan Pharmaceuticals and sold under the label "Bertek" or by UDL Laboratories, Inc. under a "UDL" label, because they may contain a dangerous double dose of their active ingredient, digoxin. Digitek (digoxin) is used for the treatment of congestive heart failure (CHF) and abnormal heart rhythms. Such Class I recalls are issued when dangerous or defective products that could cause death or serious health problems are released to the market.

On December 24, 2008, eight months after the Digitek recall, a report was published by the Center for Public Integrity indicating that there was a spike in adverse event reports involving the drug earlier this year and that there have been over 650 Digitek deaths reported between April 1, 2008 and June 30, 2008.

FDA link to recall

This data seriously calls into question the assertions by Actavis that they caught all of the oversized Digitek tablets before they were distributed to the public. The report also criticized the steps taken after the recall to notify consumers, healthcare providers and pharmacists about the recall and the risk of potentially fatal injury associated with continued use of Digitek.

Wrongful Death

The death of a loved one is a heartbreaking and tragic event. In many situations there is never a chance to say goodbye. Death of a loved one due to the negligence of others can shatter the family members emotionally as well as financially. And things become a lot worse when someone, for his own benefit, does this crime intentionally. All such cases of death come under wrongful death criteria.

In other words, any death caused due to the negligence or wrongful intention of another is referred to as Wrongful Death. Wrongful death cases arise from a variety of circumstances, including vehicle crashes, medical malpractice, dangerous or defective products, workplace and job-related mishaps, and construction site accidents. A wrongful death occurs when a person is killed as a result of the negligence or misconduct of another person, company, or entity. A wrongful death lawsuit is that the wrongful death, in addition to injuring the person who died, also injured people who depended upon the deceased for financial or emotional support.

Ashley L. Ownby Attorney At Law has the experience to represent husbands and wives, and sons and of those killed in fatal accidents of all types, including car accidents, medical mistakes, and defective products. During such a difficult time, you should not have to face a wrongdoer, corporation or insurance company alone. We will help you secure financial compensation to assist with expenses related to your loss, replace lost wages, and secure the financial future of you and your family. The accidental loss of a loved one in a fatal accident is devastating to the survivors. If you and your family are struck by the sudden loss of a loved one, working with the right wrongful death litigation attorneys can at least help you make sense of the legal and financial ramifications of your loss.

Our mission is to provide the very highest level of legal representation to our clients in an effective and compassionate manner. The loss of a loved one causes turmoil and hardship. During this difficult time, it is important for the family to receive expert advice and representation from an experienced attorney. We will protect your rights and make sure that you are treated fairly. Protect yourself and your loved ones by calling for a free and confidential consultation. There is no obligation, so please contact us online; or by phone at 423-479-1324.

Nursing Home Abuse

Ashley L. Ownby handles personal injury claims and lawsuits involving nursing home neglect, negligence and abuse on behalf of elderly victims and their families. If the nursing home abuse or neglect resulted in the resident's death, we can help grieving families pursue compensation through wrongful death claims against the liable nursing staff or assisted living facility.

Contact us for more information about how our law firm can help your family in a nursing home abuse claim or wrongful death lawsuit. We have more than 23 years of experience in helping Tennessee families pursue compensation for their loved one's injuries.

Our staff works with the families of injured assisted living and nursing home residents to pursue claims for injury or death as the result of negligent or improper care. Our firm handles claims involving nursing home staff negligence, as well as nursing home abuse and neglect claims involving:
  • Malnutrition and starvation
  • Dehydration
  • Infections
  • Pressure sores, including bed sores
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Assaults and physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Falls due to inadequate assistance or dangerous conditions
  • Rapid decline
  • Wrongful death
We have extensive experience in seeking compensation for claims of nursing home abuse and elder neglect, and our lawyers are committed to seeking justice for your loved one's injury or death. We have been extremely successful in bringing our clients' cases to a successful resolution, either through negotiated settlements.

Auto Accidents

Drivers Wheel
Every year millions of people are injured in motor vehicle accidents - many very seriously. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, every 10 seconds someone in the United States is involved in a car accident.
In 2005, there were an estimated 6,159,000 police reported traffic crashes, in which 43,443 people were killed and 2,699,000 people were injured. Other startling facts are as follows: Motor vehicle crashes continue to be the leading cause of injury death in the United States for people ages 3 to 33. Motor vehicle crashes took the lives of 2,348 children (ages 1 to 15) and 6,964 teenagers (ages 16 to 20) in 2005. Older adults (over 65) continue to be a high-risk age group for motor vehicle fatalities. In the United States, 4,881 pedestrians died from traffic-related injuries and another 59,119 pedestrians sustained non-fatal injuries in 2005. In 2005, 33% of traffic fatalities were alcohol related; either the driver or an affected person (e.g., a pedestrian or a bicyclist) had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of at least 0.08 gram per deciliter (g/dl).

At Ashley Ownby Law Firm we use our experience in handling accident cases to investigate every possible contributing cause of an accident to ensure that you will receive full compensation for your injuries. Evaluating all of the facts involved in the cause of a motor vehicle accident requires skill and experience. Our office will take over the investigation of your case so that you can concentrate on recovering from your injuries. We can assist you in finding an appropriate medical specialist to treat you, and we can make arrangements with your medical care providers to wait for payment until your case is resolved through settlement or trial.

Personal Injury

Slip-and-Fall Accidents and Injuries
The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control estimates that, in 2004 alone, more than eight million people were injured in slip-and-fall accidents. Since property owners are responsible for maintaining safe premises and warning visitors of potential hazards, they can be held liable for injuries that occur due to unsafe conditions on their property. Slip-and-fall accidents can result in many types of injuries, ranging from the relatively minor to the extremely severe.

Causes of Slip-and-Fall Accidents
A slip-and-fall accident can occur nearly anywhere, on public or private property, indoors or outdoors. A slip-and-fall injury can occur because of hazards such as:
  • Adverse weather conditions (for example, ice, snow, or rain)
  • Uneven sidewalks
  • Potholes
  • Poorly lit or unmarked pathways or stairs
  • Slippery tiling
  • Unbalanced flooring
  • Rippled carpet
  • Obstructions on the floor or walkway
Types of Slip-and-fall Injuries
Typical injuries resulting from slip-and-fall accidents range in severity. A victim may sustain bruises, broken bones, and scrapes that require minimal medical treatment and heal relatively quickly. Other victims suffer a catastrophic personal injury? a brain injury, spinal cord injury, or burn injury? that causes lifelong damage and requires ongoing medical care. In the worst case scenario, the victim dies because of his or her injuries. If this is the case, and the accident occurred because of the property owners negligence, then the death is considered a wrongful death and can be litigated as such.

Slip-and-Fall Damages
If you or a loved one has sustained a slip-and-fall injury, contact a lawyer to determine your eligibility for filing a premises liability lawsuit. If you have a viable case, you may pursue compensation for damages, including compensation for your injuries, pain, suffering, and lost earning potential.

Family Law, Wills & Estates

Divorce is not uncommon and should not be a process of retaliating for the wrongs done against you. Often the parties wait too long to get a divorce and by the time they start the process the emotions are hot and their lives are in chaos. We encourage clients to take a realistic approach to their marriage relationship. If they don't have a healthy partnership in the areas of social, emotion, financial, intimacy and spiritual, they are much better off out of the marriage. 

Adoption is meant to establish a legally recognized, lifelong relationship between a parent and child who are not related biologically. The adoptive parent(s) becomes legally and morally responsible for the child's safety, education, health care, value development, development of life skills, as well as the day-to-day care of that child. 

Probating an estate? Contesting a will?
The probate process is one of collecting all the assets of a deceased person, paying all their bills and establishing a distribution. If there is a will, this is done in accordance with the expressed desires of the decedent. If there is no will, the distribution is done in accordance with the laws of "intestacy". There are situations when a will may be contested. This means that a potential heir may make a claim that the will was defective and was not the true desires of the decedent. In Tennessee, if a will is changed shortly before one dies of a terminal illness and the will is done in secrecy, there is a high likelihood that the will can be challenged. 

Testamentary planning, trusts, wills and guardianship 
EVERY person should think forward to the end.. Every person should spend a few moments to sit down and think, "if I died tomorrow" There are many sorrowful stories of persons who do not plan ahead and face an untimely demise.
We will take a general overview of your assets, your goals, your spouse, your children and design a plan that will help your heirs go through this process with ease. 

Conservatoship, powers of attorney, and living wills 
There comes a time in the process of aging that a person looses the capacity to take care of their financial affairs or can no longer make appropriate medical decisions for themselves. Much of this can be addressed ahead of time through proper planning. But if the planning has not taken place, it may be necessary to ask the Court to appoint a person to make these decisions. This is a conservatorship.

Conservatorship applies not only to care for the elderly, but for the care of those who are mentally or physically incapacitated because of mental retardation, degenerative disease (such as cerebral palsy) or coma resulting from an accident. 

Criminal Law

Drunk Driving DUI/DWI: If you have been charged with DUI in Tennessee, our law firm can examine the evidence and protect your rights.
Felonies & Misdemeanors: No matter what crime you have been charged with, you have the right to an attorney.
Fraud, Theft, Burglary: From shoplifting cases to major fraud investigations, our law firm has the experience and determination to help you.
Assault, Manslaughter, Murder: Attorney Ashley L. Ownby has over two decades of experience working with trained specialist on your side to face serious charges.
Domestic Violence: A domestic violence conviction can carry serious consequences, especially for those who have jobs that deal with the public.
Drugs/Meth Offenses: If you have been arrested for a drug offense, contact us immediately and we will investigate the charges, examine the evidence, and protect your rights.
Federal Crimes: Drug crimes, weapons charges, money laundering, and fraud have tough sentences and stiff penalties. You need an aggressive criminal defense lawyer.
Juvenile Crimes: When a minor child has been arrested, what happens next can shape a young life. Contact a juvenile defense lawyer who cares about your child's future.
Ashley L. Ownby Attorney at Law represents clients facing criminal charges throughout the State of Tennessee.
If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, talk to a lawyer who cares about justice. Call today or e-mail us about your situation.

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